Xotic Eyes Photoshoots

If you follow my blog, I posted that I was hired on to be part of a creative team for Xotic Eyes and I have been apart of the team for almost a month and I just have to say I really love it! I love the awesome products that we create and the employees are really fun to work with. The owner and creator of Xotic Eyes Shannon Maxey has been creating some awesome new lines to come out very soon! We have been doing photoshoots almost daily.
With Model/Tattoo Artist: Sari Asahi

If you are not familiar with Xotic Eyes, you can read up on them here

These are just a few pics I took with my camera. So they are more like behind the scenes. Once photos are ready, I will post them to share with you!
With model: Vanessa Tiffany

Not only does Shannon come up with these designs and creates them, she is also the photographer for all the shoots and for the website and packaging. We have our room set up and as soon as the model arrives, Nikolas and myself get to work on her hair and makeup.
Model: Celeste Rose

This is after I applied their makeup and styled/curled hair. I help to get the models prepped so that when Shannon had the final design, she can just come in and apply it and then we can shoot!

It takes longer to get the model ready than to shoot. Isnt is funny how that is?

I have worked on photoshoots before, but I have learned alot from working with Shannon. Many tips and tricks that I never would have even thought of are becoming second nature to me to where I wouldnt even go back to what I was doing before as far as applying makeup.

I cant remember how many photoshoots we have done this week, I want to say we have had 6 models this week. Each model is featuring a brand new design. Some of which are Egyptian, Angelic, Poison Ivy, Bad Girl, Pink Flamingo and a few more that we will be shooting tomorrow.

Here are just a few sneak peek photos of the new products that will be coming out.

My next few posts will feature each of the models and their info so you can see their amazing work and get to know the faces behind Xotic Eyes.

Model: Kara Holt

I hope you enjoyed this post and seeing how I spend my days at work :) If you are interested in purchasing this product yourself , check out the website at

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