MIA and Reality Show

I was MIA for a while on my blog due to a horrible ear infection and other things. I have been a busy bee as always.  So for a quick update Ill fill you in as much as I can remember. haha

After the tattoo expo post, someone stumbled across my lil blog and mentioned it on this website at www.urbandesigntattoos.com. So that made my day and thought it was pretty cool! Thanks Deni!

Check out the article here!

Ive been busy at work, jumping from different departments from production to shipping and assisting whereever I am needed. I really love working someplace where I do something different everyday. I am also excited because we may be starting to film a reality show in the near future! We had a camera crew this past thu filming us all and how operations are day to day. It was pretty fun and interesting and Im looking forward to see what comes of it.

Here are a few pictures of behind the scenes of some new designs that came out of a creative meeting. I am super excited about this one with the purple bleeding roses because I have been wanting to make this a design for a while. Our graphic designer did a great job creating it and our production manager did a good job with the glittering!

Completed look with model Surah DZ

The bosses dogs invaded our photoshoot! hahaha

I love the completed look. With the bleeding eyes and bleeding roses alternative X's for the tatas, its an exotic look but not too crazy at leats I dont think so. The model was alot of fun to work with. I included a link to her FB page if you click her name in the caption. The mohawk was fun for  she was perfect for this look!

We also had some guys come in to get green for St Patricks day with some custom Xotic body art. Cameras were rolling the whole time while we had all this going on. It was interesting to be involved in it.

Were all stoked about the reality show , so we will see how it all pans out. Working at Xotic eyes is def different than any job Ive ever had and I am loving all the experience.

I had another photoshoot yesterday with Dana Chapman for an underwater shoot which was fun meeting the model and her husband. I ran into a friend I was in a photography group with, the fabulous Giovanni the fashion stylist.

That is my lil update. I need to get back on track with blogging and vlogging as well on youtube, just been battling allergies, ear infections and everything else. hahahaha I hope you enjoyed this post.

"The best relationships in our lives are the best not because they have been the happiest ones, they are that way because they have stayed strong through the most tormentful of storms."
Pandora Poikilos