Sara Fabel: Latest Obsession...but not in a creepy way

I am an avid reader of Bound By Ink Magazine and I finally got around to reading one I bought a few months ago and on the cover was this model named Sara Fabel. I've seen her pictures around the internet from looking into the half shaved head hairdo and never really knew who she was. I wanted to do a post about her.

I obviously love her style and any woman who rocks out some serious ink and has their own style and look to them, I adore. Not only is she a highly sought after alt-model, but she herself is an artist and is currently doing an apprenticeship.

You can follow her on facebook, instagram and check out her website at  She also has her own clothing line, which I have been eyeballing a few pieces I want to add to my wardrobe. Her designs are so beautiful and her linework is solid.

She lives in Australia but travels the world and I cant help but to admire her and her work.

If you haven't checked her out, make sure you do! She has def been an inspiration to me lately as I am trying to work on my artwork and get an apprenticeship! Speaking of apprenticeship, I need to get off this computer and work on my drawings. Up next is roses! I cant wait to show you my new sketches coming up!

On a side note, I know my blog has been changing a lot lately, only because I am trying to update it and make it to my satisfaction. Thanks for stopping by and see ya next time!