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fReAksHoW Birthday

I was asked to come do some facepainting for a fun birthday party at Central 111, which is a cute hookah and tapas bar. The theme for it was “Freakshow”, and it was pretty fun! Z104, one of our local radio stations was there to keep the party going. Executive Tattoo showed out with us and we all rocked the night!

I wasn’t able to snap any pictures, but luckily Abe-Hernandez-Photography  was there working and he was happy to let me share his wonderful images!


















Hubby came out with me too and we all had a good time! I love when I work fun events like these! With the summer coming up, I have a few more events booked like this and I cant wait!

Which one was your favorite facepaint? I loved doing the joker face! Well, I love them all!

Thanks for stopping by and see you in the next post!

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Getting through the Cold and a Cold

It has been what I feel like forever since I have blogged, but I think its only been a few days. I have been busy but have also been sick. Hubby caught something that was going around from work and brought it home for me to catch. Nothing too major, just achy body, sore throat and crazy congestion. I have been taking Dayquil and Nyquil like clockwork and drinking tons of fluids.

I hope everyone’s week has been going well.  I have been pretty busy in between a few gigs.  I taught a small face painting class where my hubby and a few other guys volunteered to be models for a few easy kid friendly designs.




I had even brought some of my beauty school mannequins for some people to practice on. We did a few designs that are quick and easy, perfect for a gig that you have to paint a lot of people in a short amount of time. I also prepared a video of me doing 5 face painting designs, but I need to edit it. I am hoping I will feel up to it tomorrow.

I had a photo shoot with Roger Mitchell’s Motiontography and was able to work with a new model. When I get pictures I will post when I can! I scheduled a few new gigs for the future where I will be making a show background prop and another body paint job. I have to say I love having clients return to me for the work I have done for them in the past. There is not a bigger compliment.

I have also won my second tattoo contest! It was on this design which I think I have posted before, but if you are just tuning in, here is the design that won!

I also received my Valentine Swap package from the Blogger Swap, but I need to make a video then I will post it. I hope that the girl I swapped with has received my package.

Since I have been laid up in bed, I have been getting caught up on all my shows and getting stuck on new ones: Walking Dead, Face OFF, Project Runway, Once Upon A Time, and I don’t remember what else. I am surprised I haven’t gotten cabin fever. Tons of stuff to do this week, so I need to get better! Just wanted to blog and let you know how I have been doing.

Thanks for stopping by! Xoxoxox, Cecilia

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Setting up Shop

Most of my Monday today was spent trying to connect my ebay and paypal accounts and also setting up a shipping company that will work with both these companies. Its sounds easy, but for me it was a lil confusing. With the kids out of school, they were running around speaking “minion” language from “Despicable Me”, so I was a lil distracted and maybe because my coffee didn’t kick in right away.


I had decided to sell my portable sink that I had got last year, mainly because I really don’t use it that much and also because I am not really doing too much hair these days. So, I posted it on Ebay and waited to see what happened. After trying to set up UPS and going in circles, I finally switched to USPS, as a suggestion by a fellow business owner/blogger and it was so much easier. If I had first connected all my accounts, everything would have been a lot smoother, but it took ages for me to figure it out. Once I got it, it was smooth sailing. I was able to get everything set up and printed my shipping label, and all I have to do is drop it off at the post office in the morning.

I have tons to do tomorrow to include a meeting with some of the Kreative Thinking crew to sketch some new ideas, post office, a few phone calls, and then a face painting work shop to help show some new girls some easy designs that are popular with the tourists! Here are some awesome ones I found online that I think you all would enjoy! Some range to kiddy/tourist to fashion shoots and couture! Enjoy!








Some of these concepts are amazing! I plan on making a video of some simple face painting techniques that I do whenever I am working with a fun crowd! SO be on the look out and don’t forget to subscribe to keep up! (Hidden sidebar on the right in gray)

See ya in the next post! xoxox Cecilia