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Inglot Cosmetics

The Makeup Specialty Instructor, Angie, just came back from training in California, where she got a chance to check out Inglot Cosmetics! When she told us about it, she said it is even better than M.A.C. and all of our mouths dropped! She brought in one of her pallettes that she was able to customize herself.

From the website, here is a brief introduction:

"INGLOT Company was established over 25 years ago by Wojtek Inglot, a young chemist working at that time in R&D department in pharmaceutical company.
His principal objective was to produce high quality products at fair and reasonable prices, using only the best possible ingredients and raw materials from the most reputable suppliers."

A cool thing about Inglot is their packaging and the way their palattes are. The palettes are customizable, the covers are magnetic and sheer so that there is no confusion on what palette has what colors. The prices are similar if not cheaper than M.A.C. and other cosmetic lines. Ms. Angie did swatch some of the shadows on my arm, and they did not rub off and the colors were very pigmented.

Inglot is from Poland and has locations all over the world, and only 5 stores in the US: Vegas, Miami, New Jersey, New York and Newport Beach, but you can order online at Inglot Cosmetics

I am planning on ordering some soon and when I do, I will let you know! Have a great night and weekend!

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Nautical Inspired

I did these videos back to back...I wanted to show my makeup and also how I used the marcel iron as well. This look was really easy to create..from start to finish with makeup and hair, it only really took my about 40 minutes (and thats with day 2 hair).  I love this look! I wore it to go to a meeting for the makeup club at RKA. The makeup is a lil bold, ( i think its because the red color is in the inner eye and blends into the white and then the blue).

I wanted something different than the average "smokey eye".  I hope to focus in makeup along with fashion of course so I like to "look the part".  I want people to see what I can do so that they can come to me for their makeup needs :)

Enjoy! and have an awesome day!

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True Blue Eyes

Here is my True Blue Smokey Eye Look.  I list all the products I use in the video and show the brushes I use for blending and applying eyeshadow!

I hope you enjoy it! Subscribe! Its fun! What else are you doing? Youre already reading this...might as well follow and subscribe!

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Last week, I went and saw a Dermatologist for my skin. I have had acne when I was younger, and now that I am in my late twenties, I still have some acne issues. I always thought that acne had to do with what I ate because I am a JUNKFOOD JUNKIE!!! But the Doctor man at the Veteran Hospital said that it has to do with genetics and stress. So, after the DR and his assistant took turns man handling my face and checking my skin "abnormalties" ( I dont even know if thats a real word, just made it up...sounds good to me. lol) the doctor subscribed a face wash and some night cream. I asked him what kind of makeup I should use that will not make my skin and face break out. The starbucks loving, coffee breath doctor ( he was really self-conscious about, which I thought was funny because I had starbucks coffee breath too hahahaha) he recommended I use oil-free noncomedogenic make up. ( Non comedogenic is a fancy word for non-pimple haha)

I dragged my cousin with me to Sephora to try and find the COVER FX that Kandee Johnson recommended, but it was an item that I could only order online. So I ended up getting this kit:

I love how this set is set up! I got all that is included in this picture and I even got a free gift from Sephora for my birthday last month! SCORE!!!! I wish I had a picture of before I started using this set so you can see that my skin is very uneven as far as tone because of scars and freckles. But here is a lil shot of me today with my makeup and my face is so clear. I love it!

So, just wanted to share my Dermatologist and Sephora adventure!!!! Have a great day!

Smooth Skin and lots of love,

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