Friday, August 7, 2015

8 Months

Its August.....and I am ashamed to even call myself a who goes 8 months without posting? This girl right here. What is up with that? welllllll.....long story short.....Been a busy year. And My heart just wasn't into blogging like I used to. I used to use my blog as my creative outlet and I loved it. But then I got too distracted by other social media and just caught up. I took a break from that to recenter again like most artists do.
So, Ill try to give ya a somewhat update to what I have been up to.
I colored my hair red at the beginning of the year to break up the boring-ness I had reverted back to.
I took a trip to Baltimore with some friends from my previous life in the army and had an absolute blast.
My art space got a beautiful makeover thanks to a very organized OCD friend of mine who took a look at my workspace and said "How do you get any work done?" Which I happily replied with shrugged shoulders...."I am an artist" As you can see I lost this battle.
Then, got tired of the red, and went to turquoise!

And surprisingly kept this for several months! 
I became a living statue for an event-which this was really fun to do!
(I'm the one in gold!)
In March, I took a vacay to Florida to visit my family and also be a bridesmaid in my dads wedding! I had so much fun and it felt great to see my family.

And your eyes did not deceive you...I am wearing cowboy boots! (The only time you will see that) hahaha
On my last day in Florida, we found an awesome drafting desk! I hauled it back with me too along with a new plant!

I love my artspace now. I can actually get work done and everything is organized.
Since January, I have continued on my healthy lifestyle change. Cut junk food (for the most part) and soda, started drinking more water and taking my It Works Supplements and running. So far since November...I have lost 30 pounds.

I am still pushing myself so that I can have a body I have never had before. And I gotta say, it feels amazing. I have gotten rid of so many clothes and things that I have accumulated over the years.
I have still been working on Hair, my wine glasses, my itworks business, and face painting and tattoo designs- you know the whole self employed thing that I do. hahaha
Here is some of the things I have done over the past few months.



I sold my glasses at the Chesapeake Jubilee and took home a cool Ribbon for Best Booth!


There has been so much art I have been pumping out....This is just a small glimpse of what I have been doing. I have to say out of all the years I have been self employed, this year has been the most productive.
Once Summer started, I have been busy as a facepainter down at the oceanfront with Beachstreet.

I have really been improving my techniques and looking to take this more full time at festivals.

Changed my hair to Magenta/Purple/blue
Then Purple. haha
And that, my friends, in a nutshell is what I have been up to the past 8 months.
My 32nd birthday is next month, and I am starting my journey learning to tattoo as soon as tourist season is over. I am excited to start this as I have wanted this for years.
I am going to be redoing this website soon...slowly and surely and it will still be a blog, but it will not be the main part of my website. So, be warned if you're an avid reader...changes are coming!
As always, thanks for stopping by and see ya in the next post!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

What have you been doing

Hi my loves! How is your week starting out? I hope you all had an amazing weekend! As for me, I wanted to share with you what I have been up to. One of my goals, not just for the new year, but for a NEW ME, I have decided to get off my ass literally and get back to being healthy and working out.
I took the rest of 2014 to get refocused, energized and centered. So, when 2015 came along, I wanted to hit the ground running. Literally. First things first, I started eating cleaner which meant no more junk food, fast food or soda. I drink water every chance I get, and take my greens (It Works).
 I still have my coffee, which is my one and only vice with creamer. I did switch to Stevia in the Raw for my sugar. More raw vegetables, smaller portions, healthier snacks like fruit and nuts, and yogurt. Since I am an IT WORKS Distributer, I have also started taking more supplements, such as Fat Fighters, Hair Skin and Nails and Thermofit.
I have also started this journey of waist training with a steel boned corset. I know I get a lot of comments and concerns about it and why I shouldn't do it and Blah, blah, blah. But relax, I did my research on it and I suggest you do too if you don't know a lot about it. I am not going extreme with this. I am only doing this to help shape my body into an hourglass figure as I lose weight and tone up. 
The above pic was taken about a week ago, and I am really happy with my results thus far. Everyone has been asking me what I have been doing different and it looks like I have lost weight, well I hope this answers your questions. Really, its about disciplining yourself to eat right and not over indulge in the junk. I know it can be hard, because I am a total junk food junky! But with spring around the corner, I want to be in the best shape of my life, because I feel 2015 is going to be an amazing year and I was to feel great. So far I do.
I have become more involved in my It Works Business by using the products and giving them a chance to work its magic, and I gotta say I love it. I wrap weekly and take my supplements and it really works. I wrapped the back of my thighs to see what results I could have after 45 minutes and this is what I got:

I am blessed to have joined this business with an amazing team, and I cant wait to see where it takes me.
I also downloaded the MAPMYRUN app, and started to get back into my routine of running. Its pretty awesome and you can add your friends and track each others workouts to encourage and push each other.  I love running. When I was in the army, of course I was forced to run, but I came to really enjoy it and over the years I have ran. Last year, I was slackin' bad. So, I got up last week and ran. I put on Pandora and my headphones, turned up the volume and tuned out the world and I got lost in the music. I ended up running 3 miles, averaging about 12 min miles. Not bad considering it has been a year. I ran again today but only for a mile, since it was really wet and cold from snowing last night.
I've been feeling so great and I can even fit into some of my old favorite jeans. I cant complain!
Soon, I will need to buy more clothes because all my clothes will be too baggy! I didn't keep any of my old clothes because I had no space and I donated it anyways to the Salvation Army so someone else can use them.
I have noticed everywhere in stores and in the mall, everywhere is promoting getting healthier, working out. Instead of flashy and expensive clothes, it is all promoting working out, fitness gear and I love it. I have been all over online and pinterest checking out fitness stuff. I just cant get enough. I have been dropping the pounds about a pound of two a week. Here are some motivational quotes and whatever randomness I have found online that I want to share with you.

I am hoping to get back into the habit of blogging more and doing my youtube videos here again soon, so stay tuned and check back in for more inspiration and motivation or whatever random thoughts I have in my head!
xoxox, Cecilia