New to Blogger

Hi all you bloggers, I started this blog after I started following Kandee the Make-Up Artist and thought it was a great idea. She inspired me to start a blog and pursue my dreams of designing. Since I was a kid, I was always drawing and sketching, selling my lil drawings during recess in elementary school...I never considered myself an artist until, I would say the past 2 years. It was always a hobby type of thing, even though I went to a vocational school for Fashion Design and have attended colleges for fashion and have taken countless art classes. I guess I wasn't confident in myself or my abilities as an artist and designer to officially say " I'm an artist".

The past few years has been a rollar coaster for me, Im still young but have gone through things most people my age and older would never dream of, but through all that, like most of us, I lost myself along the way. Looking back, I have found that the times when I was happy the most was when I was drawing, or designing or sewing something or attending college for fashion. I would go through these stages when I wouldnt pick up a pencil for months and then out of the blue when I let myself drift into my own world, I would fill a whole sketchbook in a week. But then life would kick in and the sketchbook went into a box and my dreams were pushed away further and further. I noticed I had a pattern and most of us can relate to this, when we get involved in a relationship, our focus changes and sometimes even when we dont notice it, we slowly change ourselves to make our partner happy. I had an awful pattern of this until my marriage ended and I had to rediscover who I was and what I wanted out of life.

Life likes to throw us curveballs, even if we stike out, we keep trying to hit that ball, and the important thing is trying. A couple years ago, I finally had enough courage to say, "hey, I am an artist and I want to design clothes and create art that people will enjoy". So, here's another step closer for me to creating my future and taking a step into the unknown.

My name is Siren, and I am a fashion designer, airbrush artist and soon to be a tattoo artist. What I want to do is design clothes that express my style and my love for art. I liek to create looks that are bright, outgoing and not too extreme but enough to draw attention in a good way. I am also very into motorcycles and muscle cars. I worked in an airbrush shop for a while and it really sparked my imagination on all the things I could do. I would like to do custom motorcycle clothing and customize peoples motorcycles and possibly cars. I have very big ambitions. I recently became more fascinated with tattoos, and many people including my mother has recommended I be a tattoo artist. Nothing is more fullfilling than having someone have a tattoo of your artwork on their body forever. It's one of the biggest compliments ever.

well, for my first blog I think I have rambled on enough. As I explore this new site, Ill be posting more each week. Thanks for reading!