Frustrated with my Job

Do you guys ever have get so sick and frustrated with your job you just want to walk out? Like the phones are ringing off the hook, you got customers yelling at you and your paychecks arent on time and everything seems to be just going downhill. I had to keep my head because I cant afford to lose my job. I only have a week left at my job but I need every penny I can afford and I dont want to ever burn bridges. Do you ever feel stuck? I feel like that now. I have a week and a half left here and I have so much to do and I feel like I am not gonna have enough time. I am so tempted to just walk away now because I need time to finish up packing and some projects I need to complete, and I just dont have time and when I get home from work, I am exhausted. But the sensible side of me is that I definetly need my last paycheck because who knows how long it will take before I can find a job when I move. When I get like this, I just remind myself that this all is temporary and this pushes me to work harder in accomplishing my dreams of owning my own business. If my current job has taught me anything, its how NOT to run a business. Soon, I will only work for myself and do something I absolutely love, which is designing clothes and creating art that helps to inspire others. I just had to ventthis out for a minute or two..but for now, back to my projects. Bye!

All Will Prevail