Finally Back home

I finally made it to Virginia, my home. I have been here for almost 2 months. I think its safe to say I have settled in. My first week here I was lucky and landed a job as a graphic designer at a graphics shop. Of course I only lasted a week there before they politely said they needed someone with more photoshop and corel draw experience. I was really bummed about it too. I was never really "let go" from a job before, with the one exception of my last job and 2 weeks later, they had asked me back. But this graphics place didnt ask me back. :( I have always been a fast learner and I thought I was catching on quick, but not quick enough. If that experience has taught me anything, it just pushed me even harder to want to learn things that I dont know. So, I had went out and bought a book on how to help me with Photoshop. I will teach myself until I can get back into the Art Institute here in Virginia Beach.
I have been doing some more painting lately. I posted what I have done on my Deviantart Page and have also been practicing in my lettering. I thought that I would like to learn how to tattoo because I love tattoos so Happy much. I had found an ad on craigslist for a tattoo apprenticeship at a local tattoo shop. I was excited at first, I got all my sketches together and my cousin went with me for support. As I was standing in the shop, listening to the hum of needles as one of the managers slowly looked at my amatuer sketches from art school, I started to doubt myself that I even wanted to do this. The manager was this woman who came across as a no-nonsense tough as nails, tell you straight up how it is in the tattoo life. She said some things to me not to scare me but to tell me how it is really like to be a tattoo artist. I weighed my options and decided that I didnt want to be a tattoo artist, that I loved fashion and creating art with paint and markers and all sorts of other mediums. Turning down that apprenticeship helped me to realize that I love to design clothes and graphics and that I want to open up my clothing boutique.
Well, besides that, everything is slowly but surely coming along and things are falling into place. So, I am working on a project I havent sewn anything in years since I was pregnant with my daughter. My love and I are getting married. Were already common law married but I want to have a small beach wedding in December and I am going to be designing my own dress. Something I want to do. I am so excited. It is going to be greek inspired cream colored silk or chiffon and I want certain parts to have an ombred effect that fades to a dark blue and possibly into a dark purple as well. Since it will be in December and around Christmas time, it will be chilly, so I am going to also design a lil faux fur shawl that will go around. Ill post more when I start sketching and I will video the process as well. I hope you have a great day!

All Will Prevail