Dear Katy Perry, I love your style!

So, I am doing laundry and watching television, getting caught up on all my shows and browsing the about multi tasking! I am such a geek, I have been searching online stores for what to get my family members for christmas, and also searching for stylist clothes that are black since I will be attending the Paul Mitchell Rudy and Kelly Cosmetology school in January and part of the dress code will that I have to wear black! And if anyone who really knows me, knows that I like to dress different and that I have a "different" style and that I love BRIGHT, LOUD and VIBRANT colors!!!!!

I was browsing and came across a preview for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show that will be airing on Nov 30, and this year, Katy Perry will be performing! I love katy perry, she has such a crazy and imaginative style that is out of this world!

She can pull off any look and I love that she doesnt care about what other's think. I love the picture below and how she is rockin the BLUE Hair!

I can only imagine who she has as a stylist, I am gonna do some research, I think it would be so much fun to be a stylist and thats one of my goals to be a fashion, hair and make up stylist! I am one step closer to doing what I want! I am super excited to be going to this school even though I have to wear black, but I can have any color accessories, so I am gonna wear the brightest colors ever! 

All Will Prevail