World Market Haul

on our way to Newport News to World Market

About a week or two ago, my mom and I and a friend went out to World Market in search of things to decorate mom's place when she gets to Korea.  My mom and I love to decorate, and sometimes our styles are different, we do every now and then agree on something that is really cute! But hey, that's mother for you!

So, what I found at World Market was a really cute director's chair that I got in white and I picked a purple canvas....the chair itself was $17.99 and the canvas was $8. I also found a metal candle holder that is silver and hot pink on the inside!!! and when you put a candle in it, the design on the holder projects the beautiful design. I love it!!!

My first visit to World Market last year

And then there's the desk, which is all white and has legs similar to the directors chair. I know some of you prolly think I am such a geek for being so excited about a desk...but if you knew me well enough, you would know I get excited about alot of weird stuff, like second hand stores, rainy days, sugar donuts, a lady bug....yea it may seem I am totally random, but like the quote i found online, I will say this: " I am not random, my brain is just faster than yours!"..ok, getting off subject, the desk was $180 all white finish and it just looks so crisp in my blue room, I feel so inspired already by it. I am one of those artists that has to have everything all set up before I can begin anything, whether it is a drawing, a painting, a design, or whatever, yes, I have to have my pencils all in a row, my books stacked up and the tv on for back ground music and of course, DR. Pepper. lol call me crazy but this is how I roll!

Do what you love and the money will follow.