Girl Time with Family

After my Core fashion show, I cruised on over to my aunts house and picked up my cousins, and I was still in my "chola costume" from the show, and when my cousin answered the door, she screamed out, "Oh my God, you look like a chola, I thought some gangster girl was knockin on my door!" I told her that was the point! hehehehe

After I changed, (because I did not want to roll up to the mall in this), I took my cousins out to the mall, I wanted to get this anchor necklace from Charming Charlies, (which I will include in my next blog) which I absolutely LOVE!!!! We browsed around a few shops, like Forever21, which was just remodeled at our mall and it is now two stories high and just fabulous! I ended up buying some lavender scented makeup remover wipes. After that, we were STARVING! I took them to Johnny Rockets!

Marina and I have been here before, but Lauren has never been, so of course we went in and took seats at the counter, we put money in the juke box and selected "Heard it through the grapevice" but our jukebox must have been broken and it stole our nickle!!!! we still loved it and sang along to the other 50's throwback songs that were playing.

we all ordered root beer floats and burgers and fries! so Yummy! We had a great time!

me in love with the vanilla icecream in my float

marina who just got her braces off!!

Lauren with her first johnny rocket root beer float
They loved that I took them out, and said thank you and I told them that it was my pleasure, their mother used to take me out when I was younger, so I was just returning the favor. I told them that they will have to do these type of things with my daughter when she gets older! With family, remember it is the little things that mean the most! I hope everyone can find time to spend with their family, and if you cant at least call someone up and tell them you love them!

Burgers and root beer floats, your sweet surrender, Cecilia Marie
Do what you love and the money will follow.