LIL Wayne, Nicki Minaj and Rick Ross Concert

This past wednesday, Jermie and I went to the "I AM STILL MUSIC " Tour with Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Travis Barker and Nicki Minaj in Hampton, VA.  I was so excited to go! At school that day, it was Pajama Party for Funraising. We got to dress up in our jammies, or comfy clothes, bring pillows and blankets and we got to watch movies all afternoon for $20....and we got our hours for it too! The learning leaders sold raffle tickets for some cute lil prizes. I had 6 tickets, and I won 5 times (there was like over 25 prizes). I had a few people braid and curl my hair for the concert. 

It took me forever to pick out an outfit since none of my clothes fit, so this is what I picked:

Pink & black plaid shirt: Rue 21 $12
Jeans: Forever21 $9.99
Black boots: Rue 21 $5.00
Feather earrings: Hot Topic $12
Rhinestone bracelet: Rainbow $3

Jermie and I had a blast! We got there and we bought a tshirt from some guys selling them in the parking lot, smuggling them under their shirts like they were drugs! Here is a picture of it, with front and back:

We missed Travis Barker, but we got there in time to see Rick Ross, then weezy came out and then Nicki too. Here is a video clip I found of a fan getting a lapdance from Nicki herself....along with her surgically inhanced bootay.....

The show was amazing, we had seats in the Mezzanine, on the left side of the stage, so we had perfect seats in my opinion. I have to say my favorite thing about it, was the hot Doc Martin boots Nicki and her backup dancers were wearing! I gotta say, I am gonna have to get me a pair. They are just too cute!

well, I just wanted to share how our night was! Thanks for stopping by!

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