Beach Time

This past weekend, My husband and I was able to spend some much needed time together at the beach. With the spring semester finishing up, I used that time to spend it with my baby. We went out with some friends we havent seen in a while and caught up and danced and just had fun-something we both have needed to do!

here is one of my best friends Sanchez! we were both wearing orange!
 Sunday, we hung out with my brother and his friend too at the beach. We checked out the Blastoff Festival, which I expected to be bigger, but since it was cooler out, not as many people showed up. We walked around a bit and I got a video of my brother singing and playing the guitar (which he drew a small crowd) and then we went to Ocean Mystique and I am thinking about getting a dermal anchor below my eye. I am gonna do some research and I will post it.

My brother and I

me in the car on way to beach

my beach outfit: chill

my hubby

I hope everyone can make it to the beach or somewhere fun this summer and take lotsa pictures! We only live once (that we can remember) and make the memories count!

Do what you love and the money will follow.