Happy Mothers Day!

First, my sweets, I want to wish every mother out there a Happy Mother's Day! I hope you all spent you day doing something awesome with or for your mother. As for me, I was able to spend today with my kids and husband along with my aunt and her son (my cousin). Our original plans were to go to Cape Henry Lighthouse and see the sights from the top. But the weather was a lil "ify" so we had changed our plans to go paint our own ceramics at a place called "Color Me Mine" studio.

So here we were at our table painting. We all chose our own ceramic: Matthias chose a jet to paint, Arabella painted a puppy, I painted a "paint palette" and jermie painted me a mermaid for mothers day, and everyone had their own thing that they were painting.

Matti with his jet

My palette that I painted with a star theme of course
My aunt dale and I

Jermie and I
When we were done painting, and we got home, I was presented with my Mother's Day presents: I got 4 nail polishes and a teal watch from Target! This was the Best Mother's Day! I hope everyone else was able to have a great weekend!

Do what you love and the money will follow.