I love going online and finding unique handmade jewelry, clothes, furniture, artwork and whatever lil knick knacks I like. Many of you know about Etsy.com, (which I will be opening an Etsy Shop soon! I'll post about that later!) but here is another website that is fun to shop on: Yardsellr.com.

I stumbled across this site somehow and I signed up, and just for signing up, they awarded me $5 to shop, I used it to buy a ring which I did do a video on about 6 months ago.

This was only like $3, and when you shop on Yardsellr, you earn more points in turn more cash for you to get more goodies.

Here is my video:

Buyer information if any of you want this ring:

Here is a link below that if you sign up through here, you will be rewarded $5


Have fun and happy shopping!

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