Korean Gifts

My Mom came home on leave from Korea, and I totally was gonna blog about this, and then forgot, just like the scattered-brained artist that I am. Her and my grandmother went on a trip to the Philipines before coming back home, (and yes, I am part Filipina) and she came  home bearing gifts.

Left to Right: tote from the PI, ginseng tea from Korea, Caviar Set, Chocolates from Korea

The Face Shop: Caviar and Black Pearl

Ginseng Tea which is yummy with a pinch of sugar

Hazelnut Chocolates

Tote from the Philipines
I like the tea, my husband drank it and had so much energy that he cleaned the whole house! I havent really tried the chocolate, but I have tried the Face Shop Caviar set and its not too bad. My mom said it was expensive and it is supposed to be really good. I have been using it and I cant tell a difference in my skin, but I have been so on-the-go I havent noticed! But wanted to share this with you.

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