Loving the brushes

In my last post, I showed yall my new brushes I got:

I wish I had my video camera so that I could have shown you a tutorial on this awesome makeup look, that was inspired by this palm tree sunset dress that I have. I guess for now, I will just show some pictures :( Its better than nothin'.

before I put my makeup on...scary!!!! lol
My review on these brushes are that they are super soft! My old brushes I ordered from a nameless company are so stiff, even after washing them in gentle baby shampoo and they do not blend that good at all, I am going to be ordering more brushes from that website!

Here is the look I did:

my redonkulous eyelashes are long!

doing the "kandee johnson" eyebrow dots!

For this look, I used

M.A.C. Prowear Foundation
M.A.C. Loose Mineral Powder
M.A.C. Bronzer Powder
M.A.C. Skin Brightening Serum
M.A.C. Fix Spray

120 color Eyeshadow Palette
NYX White Eyeshadow Primer
L'Oreal Extensions Mascara
NYX Nude Lipgloss

For the eyebrows..I just used eyeshadow to highlight them orange and red! Just in case you thought I colored them. I didnt! lol

I hope you enjoyed this look for 4th of July, and thanks for stopping by!

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