almost friday

Today was, well, I cant say completely exhausted, but it was a very productive day. Went to school, worked on getting as much work as possible done on my worksheet (a list of things to do hair related on a guest or dollhead, such as cutting, blowdrying, color, perm, etc).

This past week, I have had a client in my chair everyday which is pretty cool. Its nice to know that networking really does work and that it is not an urban myth. LOL. A girl that works with my husband also shaved half her head so when we saw each other, we just clicked-because not too many people in this area sport that look and I gave her my card months ago. She came in to trim up her shaved part and to add steps (or lines shaved), also to even out the section that is shaved.  I also cut her bangs so it could be a lil more manageable for her. I really enjoyed it.

My half shaved head-but my guest had her other side shaved and she has long blonde curly hair!

Everyone at the school thought she had got the shaved head part because of me, and I had to explain that she had already done it before me and her even knew each other. I thought it was awesome she came to me when her whole family goes to another salon. :)

It just goes to show, making friends and networking and just being yourself can help your business or clientele grow.

I also gave a haircut at my house as well which was fun to do because my guest has extra curly hair and she has had issues in the past with hair stylists not knowing how to cut that kind of hair texture. With extra curly hair, it is best to cut the hair dry to damp because you dont want to stretch the hair out too much by combing out the curl. :)

random pic from a BBQ this past sunday. I just love the way the sun is setting- just wanted to share that with you!

I didnt have time to take any pictures. :( I need a smart phone or something. lol) I never have my camera ready when I need it!

I got all the signatures I needed for my release forms for the photo contest, so now just gotta print the images and burn them onto a disk and FEDEX that baby out to California!

Well, It is nearly 1230am, and I need to go to bed, I have a test to take in the morning and dont wanna be like a zombie off to nighty night

Thanks for stooping by...I mean stopping by....see I am starting to fall asleep!

Quote of the day:

When you get into a tight place and everything goes against you, till it seems as though you could not hold on a minute longer, never give up then, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn.

 Harriet Beecher Stowe quotes

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