How do you grow your hair out?

Like everyday, today seemed to go by fast. The morning went by in a blur, although I learned some very interesting things about the evolution of makeup, such as Queen Elizabeth used so much powder on her face, and since the powder had alot of mercury in it, started to eat holes in her face. Or during the Renaissance, "eyebrow" wigs were made from mouse hair, and a high forehead meant you were higher society. There was so much more, but I couldnt remember all of them. Some of them outrageous. The things we do for beauty.

courtesy of Google. Queen Elizabeth

I had to do a perm today on an older gal who was just so funny and full of spunk named Carolyn. Thats one perk that I get to enjoy when I have a guest in my chair and that is learning about someone and getting to know them. She once had cancer and was on some powerful medication at one time and her hair has been getting thinner. So now that she is cancer-free, she wanted to get a perm done to give her some volume.  She was so sweet and we laughed about kids, grandkids and whatever else came to mind. Her perm came out great and she was so happy with it! She will be coming in again in 3 weeks and we will do a PM Shines Color application. I cant wait, when she tipped me, she gave me two dollars and whispered to me, I usually only give $1, but youre good so I gave you $2. I hugged her and we laughed so hard about it. She comes from the same generation as my grandparents and from Florida so I felt like she could have been one of my grandmothers friends.

I think the funniest thing she asked me and she said "dont take this the wrong way, but what happens when you want to grow your shaved head part back? Do you just shave the other side too?" So stinkin cute! I laughed and parted my hair a different way and showed her that I could just hide it. She thought it was amazing. hahahah

See? here you cant even tell that one side of my head is shaved. I look almost normal> hahahah
I bet the older generations must think we are all crazy. It makes me wonder when I am that age how the younger generations will be like. I hope I am that one granny with crazy color hair doing cartwheels like Betsey Johnson! hahahaha

To old granny with crazy hair, Cecilia

Surrender to Your Inner Artist

Quote of the day:
I want to grow old without facelifts... I want to have the courage to be loyal to the face I've made. Sometimes I think it would be easier to avoid old age, to die young, but then you'd never complete your life, would you? You'd never wholly know you.
Marilyn Monroe quotes