Never Forget

September 6, 2001 I had enlisted in the US ARMY. I pledged my life, my duty and honor to serve  my country in peace time and at war, not knowing what was in store for my future. I said goodbye to my family and got on a bus and headed to Fort Jackson, South Carolina to begin my basic training and my journey in the Army.  I had just turned 18 and this was the first time I had actually left home and was doing something by myself.

The morning of Sept 11, I was waiting to be placed into a unit to start basic training, and had to get everything else taken care of before starting such as taking a pt test, getting my id card and my uniforms. I remember having to wake up 4am and being in formation and a plane had flown over us in the field that we were warming up in. I dont wanna say it was a premonition, but I had a strange feeling in my gut when I saw a plane pass over us (even though I had no idea what would happen later that morning plus I was in South Carolina.

Later that morning, I was sitting down waiting for my picture to be taken when I looked at the tv and saw the twin towers with smoke and at first, I thought that it was a movie playing. It wasnt until the staff around me began to talk about it and it seemed like time had stood still. Everything else was cancelled for the day and the base was put on lockdown.  Some time in the evening, everyone gathered at the chapel where we all prayed for those lives lost. We all knew that we were going to war and that everything changed from that moment on.

I started basic training the day after 9-11, so those in my unit knew that our training was just the beginning and that someday soon we would be going to war. Not too far after I was sent to Afghanistan in 2003, then Iraq in 2004.

Looking back, it just amazes me how a single moment can not only change your life, but change the lives of everyone in your world.

My prayers and thoughts go out to those who remember that day, who were affected by it, who lost someone dear to their heart. This post is dedicated to you. May you stand tall in the face of darkness and your love shine light to the world.

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