Salon on Wheels

I have juggling around with the idea of going mobile with quite some time since my Dad put a bug in my ear. He showed me a few websites that made salons on wheels. There are a few different websites and company's around, some here in the US and other in England. Here are a few sites I have been stalking:

Salon On Wheels

pull out table for nails

a Spray booth for tanning
This van is prolly the cheapest option for anyone thinking of going this route, except that this is made overseas.  I like the idea of this, but I think the major turnoff for me is that there are no windows. and the color looks like a dungeon. But then again, you can always customize the colors if need be.

The next one, is Mobile Salon Buswest. This one I think is the top notch Salon on Wheels. And for the price it starts, well, it better be something as awesome as this...

Supplies Storage and a fridge

The front of Bus and a restroom on the left

The Salon Chair with a built in Sink for washing hair

Demo for a mobile nail salon

Demo for Facial or Tattoo Bus

Of course, I fell in love with this Bus. I love how BIG it is for one, because its an actually bus and not a van. There are WINDOWS throughout, which I love. I am so big on windows because when I am working, I have to have light! And the best light is sunlight or natural light. (everyone in my family thinks I am nuts, because I will have literally every light in my room on while I am working hahahaha)

This bus has so many options not only for a salon, but nails, tanning, facials, and even tattoos and you know that got me super duper ridiculously excited.

This starts out at $105. My mouth dropped when I learned that, but at the same time, A vehicle like that, the very best top of the line goes into it. That is your business and it will need to be ready for whatever you need it to be! Everything comes with it, the custom cabintry, you get to pick the colors, generator for power, water , you do have to buy the chair you want to be installed or anything else that is different than shown.

I am in no way getting paid to tell you this, this is just something I wanted to share since this has been on my brain the past few weeks.

This would be an awesome way to do business once I get a steady clientele and start to build a name for myself.  This is definetely going on my list of  Long Term Goals. And yes, I make lists upon lists of things to do, short term goals and long term goals. I am just geeked out like that. You wish you could be cool like me...I mean geeked like me. hahahaha

I hope this inspired you to see what options are available to those in the beauty industry, that we are not limited by anything, you are only limited by you! Dont limit yourself, get out there!

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