Birthdays and Showers

The past two weekends I have been busy attending birthday parties and baby showers- hence the title of this post. I havent had time to blog as much as I want to, but bare with me! I have been battling colds, sinuses and allergies, stomach bugs and migraines...which is so weird because I used to rarely ever get sick...ahhh the joys of getting older. haha

Weve gone to a bouncy house for one party then left and went to another party last week. The weather wasnt too bad although we got a lil bit of snow.

I took a quick pic while jumping and climbing in one of the humungo bounce houses
My son Matthias and the birthday boy Cole could pass as brothers, they look alike!

Arabella was running around of course!

Today, we had a baby shower to go to for a friend of mine that I attended Paul Mitchell with. I was happy to go and get out of the house and spend time with my kids and friends. I ran errands for the first half of the day, running to the post office and finally sending off my blogging swap present to a girl blogger in Sweden...its soooo late and I hope she forgives me! I sent some stuff to my grandpa in Florida too. We went to Firehouse Subs for lunch after much begging from Matti.

Matti put this hat on me right as I was snapping a picture.
I managed to clean out the car too which gets so junked up from weekly running around while the kids played nearby. I managed to take a few pics of their lil adventures.

The baby shower we attended was sooo good. The place was decorated really cute and the food was delish! I took a few photos on my other camera, but this is just a quick photo I snapped on my way out of the half eaten cake, but its so cute. I hope if I ever have any more children, I have a baby shower as beautiful as this one! Ill blog more about it and some baby and kid things I have stumbled across that I think are awesome!

Isnt this just adorable????? I did win one of the baby games for best play-doh sculpture of a baby. hahahahaha

Well, its going on 130am and the kiddos are asleep along with the rest of the house and I have two girls coming in the morning for me to color their hair! I love my clients and making them feel good about themselves! I cant wait to start planning some spring photoshoots soon!

"Make each day your masterpiece"
John Wooden quotes