Day for Mothers

Today was a relaxed day for the most part. Im now doing some more relaxing watching THE VOW, which is a goooood movie. If you havent seen it, watch it. I read the book too which was also amazing. (and I am the type of person that likes to read the book before watching the movie in most cases)

My mama and I last year at Busch Gardens!
This morning and afternoon, I sat at the kitchen with my mom while we drank coffee, I gave her a really sweet card and her favorite candy bar (Hersheys with Almonds). I did a mini spa day with her, I did her toes and repainted them and also waxed her eyebrows. We always like to do those things for each other.

For an early dinner, we all headed to Cracker Barrel to treat Mom to dinner. My Aunt Dale and my cousin Holden came, and my Grandpa Fred that is visiting from Texas and also my moms roomate came, then me, jermie and my brother. we havent ate there in a long time so we were all hungry for some old fashioned cooking.

Their service was fast and friendly! My review for this place is 5 stars! hahaha

I ordered Homestyle chicken. I think I ate 4 homemade biscuits...theyre so good! I couldnt finish all my food though...preolly because of the biscuits!

My MOM, Aunt Dale, Holden, Shirah, grandpa fred, jeffrey and then hubby and I was taking the picture. I love their rocking chairs!

Jermie and I bought some old candy sticks from the Cracker Barrell General Store. I got my favorite flavor-ROOT BEER!

The "Mother's" hahaha

Im glad I got to spend this mothers day with my mom. Last year she was in Korea for Mothers day.

I really look up to my mother. She is the strongest, most independent, caring woman I know and is also one of my best friends. We sometimes bump heads alot because we have strong personalities but we are so alike, its scary. No matter what, we might not always agree on the same things but we always support each other and want to the best for each other. I love you mom!

I hope you all had a great mothers day and was able to see your mom, or spend time with your kids or whatever your family situation is! I hope you were able to make some fantastic memories! Happy Mother's Day!