Rainy Wednesday

Its the 5th day after my surgery. Im moving around pretty good, I dont need as much help walking, using the restroom, or getting in and out of the car or up and down the stairs. Of course, still on pain medications as prescribed. Hubby had the day off today and it was pouring all day, but we didnt let that get in our way of going out.

I got ready today and decided to do a silver smokey eye with two cat eye tips on my eyes. I cant always catch a good close up pic with my camera but I managed to get a couple pics.

I used my 120 color BH Pallette using just 3 colors to blend. For the eyeliner, I used E.L.F. eyeliner in Black and for my lower lash line I used my NYX eyeliner in Black.

Jermie and I grabbed a late lunch at Playa El Azteca because we were craving Mexican food and I got my usual Chicken Taco Salad which is my FAV!

Weve been looking for an apartment now for a few weeks somewhere close to Jermie's work and mine too. We found a few today that we liked, but were looking for the right one with the right amount of space and within our budget. Im positive we will find one.

I got some exercise today...doing none other than retail therapy....or more like retail window shopping. We walked around the mall, tried out some gadgets in Brookstone, played with the Nook Color ( and dropped major hintage to jermie that I wanted it hahahah ). We grabbed some Starbucks and did some "people watching" in the mall, which is what Jermie and I love to do.

I found this cool vintage looking popcorn maker which I thought was awesome! Jermie is a huge POPCORN eater so I think I will scoop this up for him. What do you think? (In case youre wondering, I spied this at JCPenny)

We stopped into Yankee Candle to smell the candles, and we ended up getting a few votives for our bedroom. I have been on the hunt for a candle that smells like coffee or something sweet and I found this one called "creme brulee" oh its smells heavenly.

That was our day today, as its now midnight, so it WAS our day. Hope you enjoyed coming along with us on our rainy day adventure. See ya again soon!