WireLESS I wish

I feel so out of the loop. I need to get a wireless router at our new place, we have internet, but have to use an ethernet cable...which is better than nothing..but when you have a husband that wants to get online to play Call of Duty, and kiddos that wanna watch netflix, well it gets crowded virtually. hahaha For a while I was blogging everyday and I got into a routine, then we moved and .......that went out the window. I didnt even realize how much I use the computer. For blogging, researching artwork, online window shopping....stalking Megan Massacre...hahaha  but My last two weeks have been spent unpacking boxes and cleaning...and then lounging by the pool with the kids, so I guess it hasnt been too bad, at least I am workin on my tan. Which is definetly what I need, because I was looking pasty!

I have so much to blog about, so I gotta get caught up. Nothing major really, but I do wanna leave you with this picture of me from our "dress up like a zombie day" at Xotic Eyes where I work. Of course, I got into it big time. I painted up my face....because I was dying to use my BEN NYE body paints again and ripped up all my clothes. I loved it.

I also loaded this onto my Instagram, which if you have one and want to follow me, my name is sweetsurrenderart. It's another addiction I have at least on my phone.

Its taken me hours to write this, I started it at my moms house and then now back at my place and now that I am home, I gotta color my hair back to a color I had last year....can you guess what it is???

Ill keep ya posted! Off to color my hair and unpack another box. See ya next time