Pink Cheetah

Today, I bring you this fun look inspired by Pink Cheetahs! Yes, you heard right. These are a wild breed! hahaha

Hahaha Wouldn't that be crazy if there really were Pink Cheetahs? Well, we do have pink flamingos, so they are not too far fetched!

I wore these to attend the Summer Fest this past weekend, and I received alot of compliments on them. They stayed on for hours through the hot and humid weather we had. I took them off gently and placed them on a piece of parchment paper so that I can reuse them. They are reuseable as long as you are gentle with them.

Here is what I used:

Pink Cheetah Eye Card

Sweet Catwings

Light Pink Kisses

All products listed are made by Xotic Eyes
The Pink Cheetah Eye Cards are not even on the website yet so these babies are brand new!

What do you think of them?

I made a quick video for yall so you can see how I applied it for this look.

Here are some other things inspired by Pink Cheetahs!

Source: via Thalia on Pinterest
Source: via BRie on Pinterest

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See ya on the "cheetah" side,

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