2 Months

I deserve the Biggest slap on the back of my hand for this one, for it has been close to 2 months if not more than 2 months since I have last blogged. Like, really??? Where has the time gone? I wish I could have an excuse, but we all know that life gets in the way, family emergencies and situations arise, stress from work and financial issues pop out of nowhere like a zombie from the Walking Dead and no matter how many times I shoot that zombie, it keeps coming back for more. I never get a break it seems. But through the rain..the sun finally shines and I am getting everything back on track.

It has been a hectic past couple of months. I have missed blogging so much!!! I have been going through serious withdrawls!!! I have so much to share, but I dont want to overwelm you with massive long posts. So I'll take it slow, just a lil. haha It's pretty bad when everyone starts asking why I havent updated in a while. Its nice to know I have readers that pay attention and enjoy reading what I post. Its a nice compliment and makes me feel appreciated and loved. So thank you to my readers!

I have been having a blast at my new job at Coucoon Signature Spa and Salon. I love it. I have been learning so much from my boss, and he is more than my boss, he is a mentor and I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to be apart of the family and learn from the best. We have such a great team too. I really enjoy coming to work everyday. I am building up my clientele and its such a pleasure to help men, women and their kiddos look and feel their best by cutting and styling their hair.

I am so happy that the FALL season is here! A LOVE CULTURE has just opened up here in my neck of the woods at my local mall and one nearby too. I have been getting these fabulous dresses from there! The prices are pretty reasonable too!

Ive been busy with the kiddos with Matthias in football too. Their season is almost over and he has done so well with his team! I am so proud of him that he has stuck it through and he is excited to play next year too!

On top of working at Coucoon, I also am a facepainter/body painter/makeup artist for an entertainment company and since it's October, I have been busy doing all sorts of facepainting events.
I managed to get a few photos of some gigs this past week.

Jermie (the hubby) and I have been good. It was rocky for a bit, but with any marriage, it always takes work! We have been great and been doing alot of fun stuff. We went to the Neptune Festival a few weeks ago with the kiddos and had a nice time. I actually got him a job with the entertainment company as a stilt walker too! He has been having a blast walking on those things. (I'll have to get those pics of him)

Our roomate was dogwatching this adorable SHIBA INU-which is the only dog I really want. We instantly fell in love with her. Sooooo stinkin cute. We are thinking about getting a puppy possibly for christmas. Look how cute she is!!!

Oh yea, and I turned 29 last month! I know I know, how could I forget to post about my BDAY....well, I didnt do much for my birthday. It was pretty lowkey and just went to OTANIS with my mom and my two aunts. They surprised me also with my new favorite, Icecream cupcakes from Cold Stone. YUM!!!!!

Ok, I think I got yall caught up for the most part. Sorry for the super long post, but I gotta make up for lost time. Hahaha.

I just got done watching The Walking Dead and paying some bills online. I hope yall had a good weekend and a good Monday morning. I will see you again soon!