My 2nd Year at the Lawrence Brothers Hair Show

I have a treat for you today my lovies! This past sunday, I was invited again this year to body paint for the lovely Hair Stylist Yolanda Billups and Tanika Brown for Hair 2 0 Salon in the Lawrence Brothers Hair Battle.  (To see last years post, click here )

This time I only had to paint one model, as opposed to last year where I painted two ladies. I brought along my friend, Lakesha to help me out. Lakesha is a salon apprentice and has been eager to get her foot in the door. I knew she would love this opportunity and I wanted to open her eyes to the crazy world of hair shows!

The theme this year was hairstyles from around the world ranging from India, Africa, Mexica to Japan. The young woman we were body painting was to be a fire bull for the Mexico part of the show. It was alot of fun to paint her. I didnt do a sketch for her because she was meant to be "fire" and I really wanted to go freestyle on her.

I used some old Xotic Eyes Blaze body art I had from when I used to work with Xotic Eyes that I used on her chest. I used Demonic Face mask for around her eyes. With the help of another MUA on site, she added lashes and gold metallic eyeshadow for the eyelids.

Lakesha picked it up fast and did great! The experience left her wanting more for herself in this vast beauty world. It also reminded me of what I love to do. I realized that I am not living up to my potential being at Coucoon Salon. Although it was a beautiful salon and spa, I feel I couldnt grow there as myself.

Here are some photos I found from backstage! The hair is just amazing and these ladies are really talented!

I wish I couldve filmed it. I am gonna try to find the show on youtube. It was great to watch all the salons compete and really see them pour their hearts into their work. Its really inspiring to me. It pushes me harder in pursuing what makes me happy.

We left early before the judging but we found out that Salon Hair 2 0 won!!!! Weve also been invited to go down to Atlanta to work with them on the next hair show! Thats what I'm talking about!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I have written it for you. Stay tuned for more! Thanks for stopping by and reading!

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