Color Me Rad 5k Coming Soon

Last year, I wanted to participate in this event, but due to my surgery, I couldn’t Sad smile So, as part of my resolution of wanting to get fit, and wanting to get more involved in community events, I want to participate in this Color Me Rad 5k that is coming to Virginia Beach on May 5th 2013. I am super stoked!


The Color Me Rad takes place all over the US. You wear all white and you can either run or walk and volunteers can throw colored cornstarch at you and you come out looking like lil smurfs threw up all over you. Desirable, huh? Hell yes!


Part of the money raised goes towards to the YMCA, which is awesome. I am trying to get as many people to join and participate as I can!

If you want to run/walk or volunteer you can visit Color Me Rad website


I’m getting ready for it, are you?

If you’re in the area and wanna join me, please leave a comment or send me an email!


Ill see ya there!