My Work Space

I have spent a lot of time in my studio. Or what it is I hope to turn into my own studio. I have stayed glued to my seat under my drawing lamp and leaning on my tabletop drafting table with my heater permanently under my legs. I don't really like my set up, but I am really in NO position to even complain. I’ve been applying for jobs online, working on my freelance website, drawing custom tattoo designs, giving my family members free haircuts and squeezing in an Insanity workout. I may as well put a couch in here as much as I am in here. In my defense- at least I am staying productive. That’s my story and I’m stickin to it.
I got to thinking how I want to have this room set up. I know I want to have a better drafting table. I may have written this subject before but oh well. I remember I had a drafting table when I was in elementary school. I think my mom knew I was meant to be an artist. I started surfing for drafting tables and here are a few I found on of course- none other than Pinterest.
I really like the one above because it would give me tons of room for my computer, my junk food, I mean my healthy snacks and my coffee and all my art supplies.
I like this one above as well mainly because of the compact design and drawers, where I could put organizers in there for paper, pencils, markers, rulers, candy, erasers and other tools.
I like the idea of the glass one because you could maybe put a light and in turn make it into a light table. I kinda like the peg board…but not so much…too manly for me. hahaha
This one is pretty basic, gets the job done. I don’t really like this one as much.
This is the table you would work at if you designed for Nike! Wow. I don’t know who wouldn’t want this!
These tables are all nice. If you are artsy and love to draw, which one is your favorite? I think mine is the second one. But once you figure out which table, then you have to figure out what type of chair to get with it because that’s just as important. As I am writing this, my neck and shoulder is hurting because I know my chair does not go with this drafting table and this angle. ughhhh its so hard being an artist. hahaha
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Thanks for stopping by my loves! See ya again soon!
xoxox, Cecilia