Concert and New Ink

Hello my friends! How are you??? I am doing great this Monday evening. This weekend went by so fast! I wanted to share my adventures with you all!

I told you my sis is in town, she got in on Saturday and we have been catching up on much needed girl/sister time! The kiddos and I had some QT with my sister, Dominique, we sat up and watched movies, slept in and watched more movies. I managed to snap a few pics of the kids when they weren’t running around.


Aren’t the kiddos so cute in their lil hats? Well, the army one Matthias is wearing is my old cover from when I was in Basic Training in 2001 (I’m getting old)


Yesterday, we were treated to a concert at The Norva to go see Tribal Seed and Slightly Stoopid, which if you don’t know are Reggae Bands. I have never gone to a reggae concert before, but I do enjoy the music. I had a nice time, pretty chill crowd.


It was freezing last night going to and from the Concert! It was even snowing! And I had just a light blazer on. I have more pics but just don’t feel like uploading them, but they all pretty much look like the pic above hahaha

Then, today Nique and I got our sister tattoos. We’ve had this idea to do sisters tattoos ever since she booked her flight to come out here. We finally did it and so here they are still fresh from getting inked!



We found this quote online and we agreed it was perfect. We did alter a few words to make better sense for us, and then we each got a part of the other’s quote on us, such as she is the anchor and I am the wings. We have been there for each other through our darkest times and we have such a strong connection from it. It is just perfect and we are soooooo happy that they came out great!

I did work on a bit of my prop design and did a sketch for a new custom tattoo. But it’s rounding 1:20am and I’m driving out to Richmond tomorrow. So, I’m off to bed!

Every excuse you make pushes you further away from your goal.