Kid Fashion Models

Good Evening,or I should say good morning (as it is 1:23 AM as I start this blog post)to my fellow artists and creators still awake! I just got done redrawing and coloring a tattoo design and I am contemplating drawing another version of the tattoo while I still have some energy. MMMMeeeeerrrrrr!

I hope that everyone has had a nice Saturday! The Kreative Thinking Apparel Team met up yesterday and today to hold auditions for our fashion show in June coming up. I brought the kiddos today and they even strutted their stuff down our runway. It was so adorable! We had an ok turnout, but the Virginia Fashion Scene is a lil on the slow side. For real!


The weather was kind of chilly and after the auditions, I was ready to take a nap! Does anyone else have days like that? I think my sleep schedule is still a lil off, because I am wide awake now in my art studio (AKA my dining room). I need to go to bed, because in the morning, the whole family is helping my Aunt and grandparents move into their new house. I’m a lil bummed that hubby and I didn’t get to go to the Hampton Roads Tattoo Expo this year. We went last year and it was so much fun!

I feel like I have so much to do, and I’m having trouble focusing right now. This month is slammed with so much going on. Hopefully, Ill be alright. I think I’m a lil off because I havent had any coffee today. I ran out Sad smile 

ok, Im rambling! Time to go to bed! See ya tomorrow!

xoxox, Cecilia