Practice makes Perfect

Between all the chaos last week, I decided to bust out my machines and just do some practicing on an orange I had laying around.


I used one of my favorite rose images as a reference and did this freehand. I know an orange peel is a lot different from human skin, but it’s a start to get a feel for the machines. Its not too bad for my first time. (I don’t count my ring finger tattoo because it was 3 letters)


This week, I have been trying to get back into my groove. I had some fiasco situations happen in regards to some projects I did/worked on which left me drained and in a funk. As an artist, you know, not everyone is going to like my work whether it is my drawings, my designs, my makeup, my paintings. Rejection is something that everyone faces, especially artists. I cant say that it doesn’t affect me. I do get sad when something doesn’t work out, but it is something that I need to accept and move on. SO that’s what I have been doing.



I know I am not the best artist, but that’s why I keep working on my craft and keep pushing myself to practice more. I encourage anyone else reading this, to keep doing what you love, even when you get doubters, even when people push you down, stand up and keep pushing yourself. Believe in yourself!

You cannot live to correct the past. Instead you can live determined to correct the future through the past. It's only through the past that we can learn to know the future. A wise man learns from his mistakes. so let the past nurture you.