Day of Remembrance-Life of an Artist

It’s Memorial Day today! As you may or may not know, I come from a long line of US Navy family members to include my grandfathers,my father, my mother, a couple uncles and I served 4 years in the US ARMY from 2001-2005. I joined when I was 17 and was stationed in Fort Drum,NY. I did a tour in Afghanistan and Iraq and being in the military was some of the BEST and worst times of my life, but I wouldn’t have traded it for anything in the world. So, this post is dedicated to everyone I served with, those who are serving now, and those who have served in the past. Without our military, we would not be the free America that we are today.


Here are a few pics of my family that I was able to conjure up.




I wish I had more pics of everyone in uniform, but nobody really has any online Sad smile 

Here are a few military tattoo drawings I have done in tribute to those who have served. All of these have

military tribute tattoo outline watermarked







combined sparrow final watermarked


So, thank you again to my fellow vets! Have a safe and fun Memorial Day!

xoxoxox, Cecilia