As much as I like to say I am taking a break form doing my hair all crazy, some time has passed, and I am getting that itch again. I am on the search of a salon that will fit my style (at least until I have my own studio) and if you have been with me since the last time I looked for a salon, I talked about the importance of being yourself and not changing who you are for anyone. I didn’t take my own advice last year, I allowed my judgment to be blinded by an upscale salon and putting my own image and style on the back burner, and what happened? Lets just say in the end, it didn’t work out. No amount of money and drama will be worth sacrificing who you are and what you stand for.

With that being said, I am keeping that in mind when I am looking for a salon to call home. My interview yesterday went well, and I am definetely considering working there. (more details if I decide to go there) I still have a few interviews to go.

I have decided to being back the shaved side, as I miss it so much and realize it has become my statement style. I have already had my hair colored various colors such as purple, red, turquoise, blue, green, yellow, orange, so I am trying to decided what to do next. Here is some of my inspiration I have been obsessing over.

Photo 4_3_2013 17_05_13








As you can probably tell, I am leaning towards teal and pink, simply because I have not done that combination yet. I have done purple and teal, but I have not done a pink at all- the red I used to have just fades to pink. hahaha

And speaking of things I am obsessed about lately, here are some fashion trends I am lusting over right now!








Enough inspirational style for now- I need to get back to drawing and designing! I hope you have a great Thursday!