Social Media Werk

I finally got a chance to sit down and blog. I have been busy..and usually I say that I am busy a lot, but I actually was busy. Being in a new salon is work. We are constantly promoting with social media, passing out flyers and running promotions to help promote the salon and ourselves. I can say this, most stylists wouldn’t do this, they wouldn’t go with a brand new salon with no client base or steady flow of walk ins. But even when a stylist goes to a known salon, you still need to put yourself out there. This is good experience for when I open my own studio, this is what I will need to do to promote myself. Its good to form the habit now.

I never know what I am going to blog until I actually sit down and start typing, but I was having this conversation earlier today the importance of social media and business. Everyone is online. I mean from kids to grandmas and even great grandmas are online in some form. Its entertainment and it’s a good way for people to share info in cyberspace. I love it because you can keep up with people in Australia, London, Africa, India (just to name a few) and its better than googling it. Platforms like blogs, youtube, instagram, twitter, vine and there are many more.

I have been at the salon busy making flyers, posting ads, passing out flyers and taking my clients and having fun doing makeovers.

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here is a recap of the past week:



I have been drawing too, just not as much I want to. By the time I get home from the salon, I am just exhausted and lately Ive been taking too many naps. But I have a lot of work that is starting to get booked so, I need to get back on the grind!

Tomorrow is Tuesday, which is my Monday, so I am off to bed to get some shut eye! Thanks for stopping by! See ya in the next post!