To Let Go is To Open a Door

Weeks have passed and I have not blogged. I took a much needed break from the World, to gather my thoughts, my emotions, and my sanity so that I can be somewhat normal again in this sometimes confusing realm we call reality. I love this quote I found:


I believe that people are brought into our lives for a reason. Whether it is for good or bad reasons or even reasons unforeseen. Time creeps up and speeds by forever and in a blink of an eye until one day you realize that the life you are living is not one you ever pictured for yourself. People you love will change, you will change and no one is perfect. People you hold dear to your heart will hurt you, disappoint you and force you to decide what path to be on.

My time came for me to decide what was best for me and my family and although I was sad to make a choice, I know now that in the end, it was best for everyone involved. In this case, I am talking about my current marriage and this may be too personal to share, but this blog is my escapism, my journal, in a way for me to remember all the moments that have led me to where I am and who I am today.

In no way does a man complete me, but I will say that the right man will compliment me. I know that by myself, I can do all things imaginable. I am also a hopeless romantic and do believe that love is what makes the world go round. Love is what makes life worth living, whether it is love of your family, your pet, your friends, your children, your partner, whomever and whatever, love is what makes us feel every emotion and makes us feel alive. I want to share my love and my life with someone who appreciates me and doesn’t take me for granted. This should go for anyone in a relationship- make sure that you are respected and cherished. Love is a tender and fragile thing and most people treat it as if it is so common and everyday. True love is not common and it is a rare thing. It is a treasure.





I took some time to let go of all the pain, let go of all the hurting inside and took time to let go of a life that was never meant to be. The moment I had let go, I felt lighter and the stress lifted away, the heavy burden was gone, and I took from that experience many lessons that I will carry with me into the future. I do want to say to anyone going through a break up, that it gets better, you may be scared of what your life holds next for you, but do not be afraid, look at it as an adventure. You get to start over, start fresh and take care of you and your goals. Sometimes when we get into relationships, we put aside our happiness for someone else. So, let go of any pain you are feeling and pray that everything will work out the way it is meant to.


I left the salon to focus on my life and my business since I came to a crossroads. I am happier and I feel that I am on the right path now. This post was just for me to share these feelings and hopefully some of you reading may or may not relate to this, but I hoped it encouraged you in one way or another.

I did manage to make a video, you can check it out below!

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It is nearing 230am and I need to get to bed. Thanks for stopping by and see you in the next post!


xoxoxox. Cecilia Marie