Body Painting and Artwork

November is here! And just like that, Christmas is already in the air! Its amazing to me how we can go from Halloween to Christmas literally overnight. It gets me excited none the less because I love Christmas. I cant wait to decorate when I move and get settled! I have to move at the end of the month and I’m looking to get into a new place soon! Were applying this week for a place and I hope we get it!

I finished up a new custom design for a client, so I wanted to share that with you guys! I really enjoyed this piece. It is a tattoo for my clients son, and it is to complete his sleeve that he already has.


I love the way it came out! I have a few more tattoo designs that I have to draw up this week! I will post as I go!

Oh, and how could I forget to post some of the body and face painting from Halloween! Check these awesome designs!


I just finished editing this video! I bought some things yesterday while running around on errands. I got a few art supplies, and you can see my new tattoo and my new puppy!

This week besides drawing and creating, I am going to get extensions in on Tuesday! As you may know, I want to start offering microlink and fusion extensions to my clients, so I want to get them done myself of course so that people can see how they are put in and worn! I am super excited! I took a quick photo (they are not put in yet) but you get the general idea. It will be nice to have long hair again!


With Christmas around the corner, I am already eyeballing things to put on my list and if I don’t get them for Christmas, then I will treat myself for the new year! hahaha


Of course, I love those pants above, and the bag and what else? Art supplies! hahaha

Well, I am off to eat dinner with my Mom, brother and Bella boo! Were having pepper steak! yum!

Thanks for stopping by! See you soon!