Body Art At Its Finest

I have been meaning to write this since the show Naked Vegas hit the mainstream channel SYFY, which aired October 29th, 2013 and the season made up of 6 hour long episodes. As a face and body painter myself and an avid watcher of Face Off, I was extremely excited to watch this new and exciting series. I always catch a glimpse of some body art on tattoo shows such as Ink Master, but to see a show solely dedicated to the art form of body painting, Naked Vegas is a show I can appreciate.
The cast/crew of Naked Vegas is inspirational to body painters everywhere. They are doing what most of us dream of, and I’m not just talking about being on tv, but running a legitimate business doing what they love.
Body painting has been around for a while, and there are even International Conventions and competitions. I am happy that body painting is becoming more popular and that this show is helping to showcase the endless possibilities when it comes to this form of body art.
Even though this show is based in Vegas, even smaller cities like here, in Virginia Beach, there is a demand for it. I have body painted for parties, businesses and hair shows and now more photographers and models are looking to have bodies painted. Halloween was the last time I body painted, but I am looking to up my game as soon as I get a studio space, which will be in the future.
It just amazes me how well these artists can create beautiful artwork on these human canvases. Check these out and tell me they’re not talented!
I can’t wait to see if they will be making a second season. I truly hope so because I really enjoy watching it and it motivates me to work on my body painting skills. I hope this has inspired you as well! Thanks for stopping by!