Weeping Willow

Hello my lovelies! How is your weekend going? Mine is going good, my cold is almost completely gone and the weather has calmed down enough to give us some decent weather.
I did have plans to go to the 4th Annual Hampton Roads Tattoo Festival, but plans fell through and just cant make it, which I am pretty bummed out about, but I know I will catch the Tattoo Expo in Virginia Beach in August.
I just wanted to share a few art projects I have been working on.
Here is another createmytattoo.com design that I had an invite to and decided to give it go. I really love the way this weeping willow turned out. Very wistful and innocent. I didn’t win this design but I am still putting it into my portfolio.
A friend of mine asked me to do a cover up for him to get rid of an ex’s name. So I knocked out this lil guy and I really like how it came out. I think my skills are improving.
I am working on some glass painting for my mother today. She is enrolled in Culinary school and wants to show off her new skills tomorrow for an Arbonne Party that will also be a Tapas tasting party. I will post more on that project in the next post!
I hope that you have a great rest of the weekend and are enjoying the weather!
xoxox, Cecilia