22 Days Left!

Last week, we launched our IndieGogo Project and so far have raised $235. We have been pushing it across all social media and to all our friends and family. I appreciate everyone that has donated, and even if we do not meet our goal, the money will still be put away until we reach our goal! We have 22 days left, so please take a look at our campaign to the link on the right hand side! Anything you contribute even if it is $5 will help because it all adds up.
Here is some more images of our work so you can see what all we do and why we want a studio- so we have a creative space to be well, creative haha.
cia collagecollage art ciacollage cia hairlah hair and eyelash worklah nail work
I wanted to share our inspiration for our studio. We want to create a very artsy, laid back studio where it looks and feels like a barbershop/tattoo studio but it is for us girls, where we do hair, nails and body paint! These images were found on pinterest and serve as our inspiration for our studio! This will give you an idea of what we are trying to do.
So there is a glimpse of what we would like to do in the Hampton Roads Area.
Please check out our indiegogo project and contribute what you can, or share it to everyone you know!!!! Help support local artists/stylists!
Thank you so much!