Painted Faces and Skin Wars

Summer time is usually the busiest for facepainters and this summer was no exception. The past few years, my love for art and painting has expanded. If you would’ve told me 5 years ago that I would be a full time artist, self employed, doing hair, makeup, face and body painting and opening my own shop, I wouldn’t have believed you. I have truly been blessed to get to where I am today and it is just the beginning.
I wanted to show some pictures from this past summer that I managed to take of my facepainting adventures. Enjoy!
Most of the time, I am not able to stop and take a photo, but these were some I was able to take a snapshot of.
I really want to take my painting to the next level and invest in more paints so I can do more body painting. Have you guys seen SKIN WARS? It’s a new body painting competition and it’s awesome. Check out some of these images:
And what is really cool, is my favorite youtube guru, Kandee Johnson hosts the aftershow “The Naked Truth” on youtube, where she talks about the highlights of the show.
I cant find as many images as I would like to to show you guys, I think the show is too new to have any! hahaha
Have you guys tuned in to see it? What do you think?
As for me, I have tons of ideas in mind for Halloween looks this year, so I need to get to planning. Have a great Wednesday yall and see ya in the next post!
xoxoxo, Cecilia