Better Late than Never

Happy New Year! (a week late, but none the less, better late than never) As I sit down at the library, with my coffee, my planner, my notebook and various other things I carry around with me, I realize that should be the motivation going into 2015.  “Better late than never”
better late than never
We get so busy, wrapped up in daily stress, pleasing everyone else, whether it is your spouse, significant other, family, friends, your boss and a lot of times: Life happens. We start out so motivated to do things we’ve always wanted to do, but something or someone comes along and we get distracted. While distraction is not a bad thing, sometimes it can make you so wrapped up that you forget what you are passionate about. This is something that I have gone through over and over, yet, no matter how many times this happens, I keep going. If you are close to me, you know everything I have been through, the good, the bad and the ugly. No matter what I go through, I always try to stay focused on my goals. Going through situations, and meeting different people have changed my course a few times, but overall, I keep goals in mind. Even if your goals change, or you put them on the back burner, don’t ever lose your enthusiasm or passion for truly makes your heart soar.
never lose your childish
Looking back on 2014 as a whole, so much happened: I started an etsy shop, I opened and closed my own hair art studio, lost and gained clients, filed divorce, moved again, became a distributor of It Works, and so many more moments that made up 2014. Its amazing to me, to think that we are always learning, whether we want to or not. That we learn these lessons we didn’t even realize we needed to. The biggest things I have learned last year was letting go, forgiveness and patience. It’s funny, you don’t even realize you’ve learned it, because you’re too busy feeling the pain of loss, failure, disappointment, and rejections. I felt this way ending my marriage and losing my shop. But I pushed through. Yes, it hurt, but everyday I looked for something good, something to be thankful and grateful for. These losses, forced me to tune back into “ME”. What is it I really want out of life? Thing happen for a reason, which is something I say and write about all the time, so why did these things end? I realized that I wasn’t on the right path. So, how do you recover from this type of loss? The answer to that is focus on yourself (in a non selfish way) and your wants and needs, and then once you know what you want, work on it everyday, no matter how big or small your goals are.  The trick to change is to start out small, do something everyday that pushes you in the direction you want to go. Because while it may not seem significant that you are changing, you don’t even realize times just flies by and when you look back, you’ve already changed.
I read a lot of great books too to include “The Secret” and the other books written by this author “The Magic” and “The Hero” . These are my absolute FAVORITE books, not just of last year but my FAVORITE PERIOD. If anyone is looking to get their mind seeking positive thoughts and the art of gratitude, the law of attraction, check these books out, either go buy them, rent them, borrow them, download them, whatever you need to do, get these books.
It is with the practice of gratitude that I feel I have made changes in my life. I just want to share that with anyone reading this. I know when I start writing, I usually have a train of thought I focus on, but of course, the way my brain shifts into the next thought, my typing fingers cant always keep up so I hope you are still following my train of thought.
Now that I have gone through these stages of falling down, and now that I have stood up, what is the next step? It comes down to what I want. What do I want to do with my life? What makes me passionate? Ask yourself this. You may think your dream is not possible. Or there isn’t enough time, or its too late,or you don’t have any money, or blah blah blah what ever your excuse is. GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY. Take everything out of the equation that you think hinders your dreams. Figure out what it is you want, figure out every step it takes to get you there and just go after it. No one else is going to live your life, so don’t let anyone else influence it, unless it is to encourage you and lift you higher. Surround yourself with like-minded people, dive into your passions. Don’t worry about money. Money will follow when you follow your dreams. Maintain positive energy, because that’s when you attract it to you. You can manifest your desires.
These are just some random thoughts floating around in my head this evening, as I am supposed to be working on some other things, I had the urge to blog for the first time in months, so thank you for stopping by and sharing my thoughts with me.
xoxox, Cecilia