Dermal Piercings and Tooth Gems!

Hey guys! This past week has been NUTS! I finally got a chance to actually sit down and type this blog! The expo this past weekend was a lot of fun and I can't wait until I go to the next one and hopefully actually tattoo at a convention! I'll make a separate post on the expo because I am still editing the video and the pics.

Today's focus for this blog is the two dermal piercings I finally got the nerve to get after 5 years of wanting to get it. As I mention in my video below, I used to not like piercings, but being around the tattoo industry full time now, it has definitely sparked my desire again to get this piercing.

I decided to get two piercings next to each other, because I always like the way this looked as opposed to a single one. I found an image of what mine look like up close. I went with a beautiful green/blue opal stone jewel and when I look at it up close, they look like little tiny "earths" on my face. I love it! You can find this particular dermal on ETSY (you can click it for the listing!)

Etsy Shop 

Surface piercings work like this image below. If you want to read up more on this in more detail, you can click the link below this image! 

Dermal Piercing 

Overall, it wasn't too bad. It did hurt a bit and there was some pressure, but really happy I went through with it! 

Last week before the tattoo convention, I also went ahead and got a couple tooth gems done. My mentors girlfriend, Robin does tooth gems at all the shops and even did them at the convention! I think they look so fun and since they're not permanent, I went ahead and put a sapphire and diamond one on my right canine. 

I show it more closely in the video above. 

I love it and I hope you enjoy my video and blog post talking about it! Thanks for stopping by and I'll see you in the next video/post! 

XOXO, Cecilia Marie