Tattooing Pig Ears

Hi my lovelies! Last week, my mentor had me tattoo some pig ears! Yes, you heard me right, some pig ears. As an apprentice, it is common to tattoo yourself, oranges or grapefruits, fake skin and pig skin. To those involved in the tattoo industry, this is not an unfamiliar concept. Those NOT familiar with this practice definitely give a raised eye brow and weird face. 

I went searching to a few places and no one had pig ears. I did go to the asian market and I did find small pieces of skin, but not big enough to tattoo something decent sized. One of my best friends just happened to pick up some pig ears on his recent trip to North Carolina, and being the clever thief that I am, I stole them! Not really, I told him I was taking them. HE was pretty disappointing he wasn't going to fry them up to eat later, but in the name of my art and my journey, he sacrificed his pig ears. 

A few days later, I decided to try again on my black and gray shading. I haven't had much practice with shading, or I have, but just not a lot. so I decided to practice a lotus. 

My mentor is showing me so much and I am so appreciative of everything I am learning and focusing on getting better with each piece. 

I really find that I am loving lettering and script and I practiced some more with the guidance of another tattoo artist we have at the other shop, Brian. It was very interesting to see how another artist works and what techniques they have to share.

Here is my latest video on youtube showing my first tattooed pig ear! Make sure to comment, like and subscribe for more!