Love is All You Need

Sorry it has been so long since my last post. Time has been flying! Alot has been happening and some of it is good, other bad and alot in between. I cant believe its already the end of May! How crazy is that? I gotta say Ive been slacking a lil in the art department. I was able to finish a few pieces for a few friends of mine that got tattooed and I myself started my side pieces(see the pic above) So, maybe in a way I havent been slacking, but it feels like it. I entered an art contest just a line drawing, so I am interested to see the outcome in that. I also made a video for my parents who just got remarried a few days ago. Man, I guess when I look back on what I have accomplished this month, I realize I have done alot.

So, what I want to say for those who feel like they procrastinate or just cant seem to get started in a project or a goal, just do it. What helps me is that I write a list of all my goals and things I need to do. I try to take each one and work on it until finished. One day at a one of my favorite quotes. And then all of a sudden, you start crossing things off your list. There's no excuse why you cant do something. IF it seems impossible to you, let that be a challenge to you. Like, with my art, people ask me if I can draw certain things or make a certain design, I take that as a challenge and it pushes me. So when I complete something that I am so passionate about and other people love it, it is so rewarding for me. That pushes me harder to expand my skills and broaden my horizons.

Well, thats enough for today! I am exhausted and I hope you all have a good week!