New Beginings Fresh Start

I have moved a total of 33 times in my life. I am only 26, a lil nuts huh?? I grew up in a military family and was used to the life of moving and packing boxes and tape. Always the new girl and kept to myself alot. When I was younger, I dont know if I hated it or liked it, I just used to go with it. I like to think of myself as a shy kid, but everyone tells me different. Looking back, it was an advantage I had to pick up and move to a new place. I could start over each time, change something I didnt like. Always being the new girl gave me the courage to make new friends and experience different areas. In terms of art and fashion, moving around gave me the opportunity to see trends and art in other cities. I loved it. Every new school I went to I took and art class, and a sewing class. By the time I was a teenager I was really good at sewing and sketching. My mother pushed me into going to a technical school for fashion design when I was 16.

It was funny, i was stubborn and didnt want to go, being a typical teenager I guess. I went to the open house and was there for like 15 minutes and left, I didnt want to go. I ended up going anyways and it was the best time of my life. 2 years I spent with a group of girls in a fashion design program. I loved it.

I never realized it, but growing up, I never saw myself as an artist. My family knew different. I shouldve realized that I would one day be an artist. I mean, cmon, at 9 years old, I had a drafting desk. And every birthday and holiday while some kids got toys for presents, I got new art supplies and loved it.

I was soooooo focused on my art back then and now as an adult, I look back and I never had a chance to really focus on my art. Life got in the way. The past year I have slowly been trying to get back into fashion and Ive come along way. And the reason I write today is that its time for me to move again and I am going back home and I plan on really being on it. I am gonna go back to school at the Art Institute and take hold of what I really want to do. I want to start my own clothing line and do custom art on bikes and cars and clothing and just talking about it gets me all excited and anxious to get home.

I am totally random in my thoughts today, but wanted to write. so who ever is reading this hpe it made some sort of sense!

All Will Prevail