Cut up Tshirts for concert!!!

My cousin and I went to the 30 Seconds to Mars concert a few days ago and we both said...."What are we gonna wear?!?!?!?!" So I came up with these two shirts. My cousins shirt on the left..I had bought this t-shirt from DEB store on clearance for $3 and had cut it to create an off the should type look then cut slits in the front and back and shortened it. I had her layer it with a bright pink tank top and I did her make up with yellow and green eyeshadow. As for my outfit, I took a blue long sleeved shirt that my best friend gave me and cut slits along the sides and weaved them inside each other to create a braided look. I took a plain black tshirt and cut slits in the back of it. I had bought a fedora hat from Five Below and wrapped a piece of fabric around the brim so that the blue would really pop woth the black of my shirt and jeans. (You cant see it, but I also wrapped a piece of blue fabric around my ankle of my high top Black Chuck Taylors. My make up a did a white and blue smokey eye. I didnt layer on the make up just because I knew I would sweat it off in the crowded mobb of a concert. lol....then I put one feather earring in my ear and the other a heart shaped stud in the other. I got a few crazy stares from some of the older people who looked totally out of place in a concert venue lol some people loved the outfit and after the concert...some guy asked to take a picture of my outfit because they thought it was cool. So I was proud of my crazy cut up creation. So I thought I would share this with you all. Hope you enjoyed. :)

All Will Prevail