You can do ANYTHING with Duct Tape!

I found by far the coolest thing a seamstress can do with duct tape. For those of us fashionista's who like to fix up our old clothes or working on a dress and we cant afford out own dress form ( because those suckers cost at least $150 more or less) and most of us would rather use that money to but a pair of shoes or something fabulous! I had checked out a few books from the library and came across this book called the Subversive Seamster..I think thats what its called and of course I dont have the book with me...but I turned to one of the chapters and gives directions on how to make a duct tape mannequin. And I swear, I heard the light bulb  go off in my head. Why didnt I think of that?!?!?!?!?

It sounds so much fun and I wanted to post this blog and I am goign to try this out just as soon as I get ahold of some duct tape. lol Maybe Ill video it and post it on you tube. lol

All Will Prevail